Equine Cryo Therapy

Cryostimulation for horses is generated by the power of CO2 micro-crystals at a temperature of -78 degrees Celsius combined with a vibration by the stream of pressure creating a high intensity reaction called Thermal Shock. Because the Horse’s external receptors of Neurocryostimulation signal where as they are normally programmed to react with traditional cold treatments such as ice. Therefore the Neurocryostimulation Treatment is completely different and TWICE as powerful. Neurocryostimulation can be used to reduce recovery times in order to achieve improved performance, speed, agility and endurance. Neurocryostimulation is an effective, natural and non-invasive option for faster muscle recovery from injury and fatigue for any horse.


Equine Treatments:
 Tendon & Ligament Disorders (Fetlock, Tendinopathy)
 Bruising & Swelling
 Positive response in Laminitis
 Tissue Repair & Healing
 Bursitis and Synovitis
 Natural Pain Relief (up to 3 hours)
 Faster Muscle Recovery
 Injury and/or Fatigue
 Arthritis
 Muscle Spasms

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