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Welcome To E3 Cryo & Wellness Center

E3 Cryo & Wellness Center is excited to share our business with you.  Come learn how you can THRIVE in -175!  Our goal is to Enlighten and Empower anyone who wishes to Elevate their performance, health and wellness to the next level.  By providing information and alternative therapies, we believe you can biohack your way to optimal performance, health and wellness. 

We are located just south of Thunderbird on 35th Ave.  We are a  wellness center specializing in whole body cryotherapy, cryofacials and localized cryostimulation.  We also provide red light therapy and compression therapy.  We are not limited to just humans, we also provide cryostimulation and red light therapy for horses.   Whole Body Cryotherapy is a 3 minute session of super cooling the body.  It is an ideal treatment because it is Holistic and Non-invasive.  Clinical studies have shown immediate benefits to soft tissue, internal organs, the nervous system and energy meridians.  With so many effects to the body, extreme cold therapy has no equal for a person’s wellness plan.    Some of the many benefits include a decrease in muscle soreness, pain and inflammation, boosts lymph draining and blood circulation, increases collagen, decreases fatigue, increased metabolism and much, much more. We also administer B-12 shots, offer Amnio Fluid Therapy and offer Nutri Genomic Testing.
This specific testing is able to tell how your individual DNA responds; this helps with weight loss, aging and also athletic performance. Call us for more information.

Planning a special event or fundraiser?  Our mobile unit has a whole body cryo chamber and a room for red light therapy and spot cryo.  For those interested in adding cryotherapy to their existing business, or starting a cryotherapy business our mobile unit doubles as a showroom.  We can plan an event and test the market to see if cryotherapy is a good addition to your business!  We will go anywhere in the State of Arizona.


Pain & Inflammation

Cryotherapy reduces pain and inflammation, alleviates stress & anxiety, boosts immune system and improves…

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Performance & Recovery

Cryotherapy speeds muscle recovery, accelerates injury healing process, increases energy and enhances…

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Beauty & Anti-Aging

Cryotherapy can burn calories, reduce cellulite, assist with collagen production in skin and improve skin conditions.

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Whole Body Cryo

Whole Body Cryotherapy is an ideal treatment because it is Holistic and Non-Invasive. Clinical Studies on WBC have shown immediate benefits to soft tissue, internal organs…

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Cryo Spot Slideshow
Spot Cryo

Neurocryostimulation (Spot Cryotherapy) involves the use of very low temperatures to bring about four major physiological effects with “Thermal Shock”.

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Cryo Facials

The Cryo Facial treatment is non-invasive and pain free and works through means of Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy”. The skin is rapidly cooled, using CO2.

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Start enhancing your body’s capability with our services by stimulating your body’s natural healing ability.  Are you ready to Thrive In -175?  Contact us by email or phone call for further details or questions you may have.



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Stimulate Your Body's Natural Healing Ability