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Pain Management

               Improve Joint Function

                                      Reduce Inflammation


We provide cutting-edge technologies designed to help you with :

Increase Energy

Weight Loss

Pain Management

Boost Metabolism

Improve Sleep



Immune Support

Enhanced Recovery

General Wellness


Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cooling the body to negative

temperatures to trigger "Fight or Flight" instinct. As your body warms up after the 3-minute session, boosted blood circulation will enable various healing properties.

Holistic and Non-Invasive with Established Safety

Features. Clinical Studies on WBC have shown

immediate benefits to soft tissue, internal organs, the nervous system, and energy meridians.

Spot treating areas with Thermic shock to stimulate the nerves lying under the dermis. Reaching the surface temperature to 40°F will signal to the brain to shut off the pain in the treated area. Studies have shown that 20 Seconds of Neuro Cryo Stimulation is 117% more effective than 20 minutes of ice.

Our Cryo Device allows us to customize each treatment with a variety of nozzles

and technique adjustments.

Spot Cryo Stimulation


Cooling the skin to rapid low temperatures to achieve the death of stubborn fat cells. 

Another way of saying "Fat Freezing".

Treating areas with parallel

precision with our cryo device. 

Using our designated device attachments and hot stones for a high bodily response. On this page, you may find various services we implement for weight loss and fat reduction.

Cryo Facials

Assisting in skincare corrections. Great for all skin types. New level exfoliation and skin tightening. With our spot cryo device, we have 4 designated attachment nozzles available for treatment. Reach skincare goals faster,

promote cell turnover, and restore skin radiance. Treat your skin with vegan products and cold therapy for remarkable results.

Beauty & Esthetics

Excellent variety of facials offered with masks, massage, dermaplaning & much more!

Oriented for your lifestyle and skincare regimen. 

Available for both men and woman. Serving the needs of your skin and some relaxation time.

Using vegan products to assist in balancing pH levels, tighten skin, and restore moisture.

Compression Therapy

A leader in rapid recovery. 

Available sets for Legs or arms,

Experience a release of inflammation

Boost flexibility & circulation.

Excellent for flushing Lactic Acid

from muscles while reducing 

soreness, edema, pain

and an increased range of motion.

LED Light Therapy

Professional grade light therapy emitting

diodes (LEDs) for application of light energy to tissue cells for a natural bio-stimulatory effect.

Research has shown that phototherapy can increase circulation and accelerate repair on compromised tissue cells.  

Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne & Pain Management.

3 Different LED lights

for 3 Different uses.

Infrared Sauna

Cellular detoxification cleansing with Infrared radiant heat. Stimulating multiple bodily processes to rid of toxins and repair. Chromotherapy included offering a personalized therapeutic session. In addition, infrared promotes helps restore skin, immune system boost, improves sleep & much more.

Nutrigenomic Testing

What Does Your DNA Tell You?

Get results on:

How your body stores and utilizes essential vitamins,

How your body responds to weight management

& Your endurance through aging may. 

Three different tests are available.

Athletic Performance
Weight Loss

IV Therapy

Ultimate Restoration-

Bypassing the digestive tract for full vitamin absorption, correcting a deficiency, replenishing bodily function & boosting recovery.

6 Different Types Available.

Amnion Derived Fluid

Concentrated Growth Factors–

Providing powerful agents to assist and signal cells to

come to the treated site for soft tissue repair.

Aid for pain management and respiratory.

2 Ways of Administration:
Injection & Nebulizer

Vitamin Boosters

Essential to the Body's Function-

Invasive remedy for vitamin deficiency.

Boost energy levels, kick a cold improve metabolism.

A lipotropic injection & master anti-oxidant also avilable..

4 Different Types Available.

Pre-Participation Exam

Play It Safe With A Sports Physical–

It's essential to keep immunizations up to date while providing an opportunity to discuss any questions/concerns you may have. 

A Quick Visit With Our Medical Director

April  2020

Monthly Announcements

Wine & Wellness Wednesdays

We Host A Seminar On Different Topics Every Time.

Introducing Wellness Advantages, Financial Buzz, Motivational Inform & More!

Engaging With The Company Of Others While Enjoying A Little Wine.

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Khana D.
Wellness Center Owner
Gavin B.



Holly B.
Horse Trainer


Highly recommend it! 1st session for sure was an experience but now that I know what to expect definitely making this a monthly treatment for long

term effects

The cryotherapy significantly reduced my soreness after running a full marathon. The staff is super friendly and they're devoted to helping their customers. I highly recommend E3!


They are pleasant, professional & share their knowledge freely. They will see me again soon! I was injured by a horse. My shoulder & elbow were jammed in the landing. Three cryo-stimulations and I have full use of my arm painlessly. Thank you for opening in Phoenix.

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These cold therapy products are not medical devices. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. 

No representations or claims are made as to the therapeutic nature or other benefits of our services. Every customer is different and responds differently to our services.

Proud to also accept FSA & HSA Health Cards

13615 N. 35th Ave Ste #2

   Phoenix, AZ 85029

602-899-CRYO (2796)

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