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NAD+Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide 

Rejuvenating The Mitochondria & More

What is


First discovered in 1906 through yeast extracts. Then 1940s, the first enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway was detected.

  NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It is a critical coenzyme regulates various metabolic pathways. NAD+ plays a vital role by regulating gene expression, energy metabolism, DNA repair, and stress responses. NAD+ has been in spotlight  recently due to its anti-aging, clarity, & healing effects.


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Many things in our lifestyle such as diet, stress, toxins, substances (smoking/drinking), & other environmental impurities can slow down the natural production of NAD+ within our body. When this happens, supplementation can help restore balance. Help transfer energy/nutrients we we consume directly to our cells. Increasing body & brain function overall. Powering cells that keep us aging well.

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Why is cellular health important?

When you protect your cells, you protect the health of your whole body. Every structure of our body, from your skin to your heart & your toes, all made of cells. Within our cells we have mitochondria, these are often referred to as the powerhouses of the cell. Helping turn the energy we take from food into energy that the cell can use. Healthy cells can improve the way you fight infections, heal wounds, regulate metabolism and aging. Through exposure to free radicals, consumption or infection, this damage may accelerate aging or result in chronic disease. 


NAD+ May help with the following:

  • ​Boost energy levels

  • Improve depressive moods

  • Support metabolic function

  • Improve mental clarity & memory 

  • Enhance concentration efforts 

  • Improve brain neuron communication

  • Reduce fatigue/chronic fatigue symptoms.

  • Reduce signs of aging

  • Support mitochondrial functions 

  • Non-Toxic in nature

  • Restore superior immune system protection. 

  • Improve hair growth, skin care, and nail health.

  • Replenish joint and muscle function.

  • Recover faster from physical activities. 

  • Restore health in tissue and cellular health.

  • Improve compromised senses from aging.

  • Help relieve migraine headaches.

  • Assist natural anti-inflammatory responses. 

  • Repair and protect damaged DNA.

  • Addiction withdrawals can be relieved.



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