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Spot Cryo Stimulation

Take Pain Management Into Your Own Hands!

What Is

Spot Cryo Stimulation?

Our Cryo Device uses pressurized

CO2 gas at 757 pounds PSI.

With a thermo-light allows us to visually see where is most inflammation and tension.


Reaching the skins surface temperature to 40ᴼF. 

The Device will manually shut off 

-notifying the technician the skin has reached the desired temperature for a positive reaction.

Thermic Shock symbolizes stimulation of the nerves under the dermis reaching the nociceptors to signal the brain to shut off pain & bodily response to enhance circulation around the area.

Introducing The Smallest & Most Technologically Advanced Cryo Device In The U.S.

Our handheld Cryo Device, by KAASEN-

Gives us a huge advantage when servicing you a treatment.

With 7 different exchangeable nozzles,

we can customize the pressure size, perimeter

& cold-to-skin contact.

Our Kaasen.jpg

Targeting Specific Areas

For Maximum Beneficial Results.

Studies have shown that 20 Seconds of

Neuro Cryo Stimulation is 117% more effective

then 20 minutes of ice.

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Reduce Inflammation

Pain Relief

Muscle Recovery

Improved Blood Circulation

Minimizes Scars

Enhances Performance

Joint Function



Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis/Golfers Elbow


Sprains and strains

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Cellulite Reduction

Post Injury


Minimal pressure

& Small areas.

Fair pressure

& Medium areas.

Hard pressure

& Large areas.




#1- Sleek Cooling

Cold press for small

& Fine areas.

#3- Straight Tube Diffuser

Little pressure & Large areas.




#2- Dome Cooling

Cold press for Large areas.

#4- Cone Diffuser

Fair pressure & Large areas.

* Frequently Asked Questions Can Be Found Here

Q: How often should I get my pain area treated?

A: If you are experiencing chronic pain, it is best to get multiple treatments throughout a two week period. We encourage you to get a consultation with our staff so we can personalize the answer to this question!

Q: What is the difference between a

               Small & Large Area?

A: Examples: Small Area - Ankle, Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Elbow. Large Area- Both shoulders & neck, Knee & thigh, Whole lower back, Ribs & hip.

Q: How soon after an injury can I get a treatment?

A: Immediately/as soon as possible. This will help prevent major bruising & inflammation.

Q: How long is the service?

A: Every session is different. Depending on the area being treated and nozzles being used for treatment. Sessions usually go no longer than 10 minutes.

Q: Who shouldn't do this service?

A: Anyone who has the following: Severe diabetes, pregnant, Raynaud's disease, poor circulation, allergy to cold&/or cancer.

Q: Is this service used just for pain management?

A: Typically yes. The device and nozzles we use are designed to aid in pain relief. However, we are flexible in our technique for different things. This device is also used for our cryo-facials, cryolipolysis, skin tightening & more!

These cold therapy products are not medical devices. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. 

No representations or claims are made as to the therapeutic nature or other benefits of our services. Every customer is different and responds differently to our services.

Proud to also accept FSA & HSA Health Cards

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